White Marmoset

White Marmoset

The White Marmoset (Mico Leucippe), also known as the Golden-White Bare-Ear Marmoset, is a New World Monkey in the Callitrichidae family of monkeys endemic to Brazil. The White Marmoset is predominantly white, but its tail and feet are pale gold in color. The face and ears are largely unpigmented and flesh colored.


The White Marmoset is found in humid tropical rainforest areas, with a preference for secondary growth and edge habitat. They are found only from a small area in the state of Pará, between the right bank of the Rio Tapajos to the Rio Jamanxim valley.


The diet of the White Marmoset predominantly consists of tree sap and other plant exudates. To a lesser extent, they also eat bird eggs, fruit, insects, and small vertebrates if their preferred food source is in short supply.

Fun Silvery Marmoset Facts

  1. The habitat for these monkeys is primarily threatened by soy plantations.
  2. White Marmosets are considered to be full grown adults at the age of two.
  3. Found most commonly in degraded and secondary forest areas.
  4. White Marmosets are “vulnerable” to extinction.
  5. They mark their territory with scent glands.