White-Headed Marmoset

White-Headed Marmoset

The White-Headed Marmoset (Callithrix Geoffroyi) is a New World Monkey in the Callitrichidae family of monkeys. White-Headed Marmosets are one of the more common monkeys in captivity, and many zoos keep and breed the species. In fact, some zoos have to use methods to prevent the White-Headed Marmoset from breeding to keep from over-population. The White-Headed Marmoset’s body fur is dark with long black plumage on their ears. Their forehead, cheeks, and bottom of the face are all white, while their tail is ringed.


The White-Headed Marmoset is found only in the jungles and forests of southeast Brazil, specifically in the states of Minas Gerais and Espíritu Santo.


Like most Marmosets, the White-Headed Marmoset feeds on fruits, the nectar of flowers, resins, insects, snails, and small vertebrates.

Fun White-Headed Marmoset Facts

  1. Also known as the Tufted-Ear Marmoset or Geoffrey’s Marmoset.
  2. They are known as Sagui monkeys in Brazil.
  3. Many areas of Brazil consider the White-Headed Marmoset to be an epidemic.
  4. They live in small family groups with 4 or 5 individuals.