Satéré Marmoset

Satéré Marmoset

The Satéré Marmoset (Mico Saterei) is a New World Monkey in the Callitrichidae family of monkeys, and is one of the rarest Marmosets in Brazil. As one of the more newly discovered and classified members of the Marmoset family, the Satéré Marmoset was confused as the Black-Headed Marmoset for many years because of the similar coloring on the body and spots on their heads.


The Satéré Marmoset is commonly found in the dense areas of rainforest in central Brazil. With a very precise and small region of distribution, the Satéré Marmoset is found primarily in areas where fungi are abundant and the forest is thick with bamboo trees. The Satéré Marmoset can also be found in secondary growth areas, as well as parts of the forest that have been subjected to deforestation.


Like most members of the Marmoset family, the Satéré Marmoset primarily feasts on fruits, gum, latex, and other plant exudates. However, the Satéré Marmoset also balances out its diet with small insects such as spiders and mollusks, as well as small invertebrates such as lizards and frogs. The Satéré Marmoset spends most of its time looking for food in the canopy of the rainforest where its preferred prey and fruits are most commonly found in abundance.

Fun Satéré Marmoset Facts

  1. They use specific calls when they discover a source of food.
  2. Like most Marmosets, the Satéré Marmoset gives birth to twin offspring.
  3. Satéré Marmosets avoid aerial predators through closed-mouth whistles to warn other group members.
  4. Satéré Marmosets can leap canopy to canopy in 10 to 11meter jumps.