Santarem Marmoset

Santarem Marmoset

The Santarem Marmoset (Mico Humeralifera), also known as the Black and White Tassel-Ear Marmoset, is a New World Monkey in the Callitrichidae family of monkeys and can be found in a very precise area of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. The Santarem Marmoset is very typical in respects to other types of Marmosets, typically living in family units of between 5 and 15 individuals, and the females commonly giving birth to twin offspring.


Having a very restricted region of habitat, the Santarem Marmoset can be found in the area between the Rio Tapajos, lower Rio Madeira, and Rio Roosevelt dwelling among the dense Amazon rainforests of Brazil. The Santarem Marmoset is usually seen in areas of dense viney vegetation, where it finds its most preferable source of food. Spending most of its time in the canopy of the rainforest, the Santarem Marmoset is considered diurnal and arboreal; and is very rare to spot foraging at ground-level.


The Santarem Marmoset has a diet that is very constant to other members of the Marmoset family. While the Santarem Marmoset prefers to feed on gum, sap, latex, and other plant exudates, it will also diversify its diet to incorporate spiders, snails, and other small insects, and even small prey as large as frogs. The Santarem Marmoset has specially evolved claws allowing them to gouge and access the gum, sap, and latex “goodies” that the trees they call home have in great abundance.

Fun Santarem Marmoset Facts

  1. This breed of monkeys inhabits one of the smallest regions of any type of Marmoset.
  2. Like most Marmosets, the Santarem Marmoset usually gives birth to twin offspring.
  3. The Santarem Marmoset is also known as the Black and White Tassel-Ear Marmoset.
  4. Santarem Marmosets usually live in family units of between 5 and 15 individuals.