Rio Acari Marmoset

Rio Acari Marmoset

The Rio Acari Marmoset (Mico Acariensi) is a New World Monkey in the Callitrichidae family of monkeys, and is endemic to Brazil. The Rio Acari Marmoset went undiscovered until the year 2000, and a fully grown adult weighs in at a mere 15 ounces with a total body length of 14 inches.


The Rio Acari Marmoset is found in the country of Brazil, and dwell between the right bank of the lower Rio Acari river to Juruena. Their domain spans the entire area of the Rios Acari and Sucunduri, calling the densely populated rainforest are their home. While the Rio Acari Marmoset prefers the safety of the canopy, it is not uncommon to spot one near the ground searching for food or water.


The Rio Acari Marmoset’s is very simialr to that of other Marmosets, consisting primarily of fruits, gum, and plant exudates. They also eat small insects if the supply of more desireable food is short, but prefer to stick to their normal diet choices.

Fun Rio Acari Marmoset Facts

  1. Rio Acari Marmoset monkeys have nonopposable thumbs.
  2. They have nails on the digits that are more claw-like.
  3. Rio Acari Marmosets wnet undiscovered until the year 2000.
  4. Rio Acari Marmosets are only capable of short leaps.