Monkey Lander Game – Play Online

Play the Monkey Lander game online. Monkey Lander is a great game of skill where the object is to get your monkey to collect all the fruit, then land on the platform. You will need to be patient and practice a bit to get the hang of it. The aim is to collect all the bananas and land safely on the platform before your fuel runs out.


Collect all bananas, collect other fruits (cherry, strawberry, water melon, lemon) for bonuses, fuel and lives. Use ARROW KEYS to navigate, press P to pause the game and S for sound.

Gameplay Tips:

Keep an eye out for spiky palm trees, the screen edges, and any other assorted obstacles. If you bump into those (or anything that’s not fruit), your monkey guy will lose a little of his Monkey life. You have 3 to start lives to with, so try not to waste them!