Maués Marmoset

Maués Marmoset

The Maués Marmoset (Mico Mauesi) is a New World Monkey in the Callitrichidae family of monkeys and can be found in a narrow region of central Brazil. The Maués Marmoset is mostly dark brown on its body with patches of silvery-brown on its cheeks; as well as hints of orange on its belly and underside. Uniquley, the Maués Marmoset uses a series of lip smacking techniques as part of its mating call, opening and closing its jaws repeatedly to call in females for mating. The Maués Marmoset was first cataloged in Brazil in 1992.


The Maués Marmoset is restricted to a very narrow region in Brazil on the west bank of the Rio Maues-Acu in the Amazonas state. The Maués Marmoset prefers to inhabit the dense tropical rainforests of this region, spending most of its time in the canopy where its preferred food sources are most abundant. Less commonly, they can be seen in secondary growth and near the ground when scarcity of food deems this behavior necessary.


The diet of the Maués Marmoset is very similar to other members of the Marmoset family. They mainly enjoy feeding on gums, saps, and other plant exudates; as well as small insects such as mollusks and spiders. The Maués Marmoset has also been known to feed on other small invertebrates such as frogs and lizards, and will even diversify their diet as far as eating bird eggs and other easy to obtain food sources.

Fun Maués Marmoset Facts

  1. These monkeys use a series of lip smacking techniques as part of their mating calls.
  2. Like most Marmosets, the Maués Marmoset usually gives birth to twin offspring.
  3. They live in family groups of between 4 and 15 individuals.
  4. They have specially adapted claws to gouge tree trunks to access the sap, gum, and latex contained inside.