Hershkovitz’s Marmoset

Hershkovitz's Marmoset

The Hershkovitz’s Marmoset (Mico Intermedia), also known as the Tassel-Ear Marmoset or Aripuanã Marmoset, is a New World Monkey in the Callitrichidae family of monkeys and can be found in the west-central Amazon rainforest of Brazil. The Hershkovitz’s Marmoset is a whitish-silver color on their body with long silverfish tassels protruding from their ears. The Hershkovitz’s Marmoset was first identified in 1977 by the famous American zoologist Philip Hershkovitz, which is where this Marmoset gets its name.


The Hershkovitz’s Marmoset is most commonly found in the area between the rivers Roosevelt and Aripuana in the west-central rainforests of Brazil. The Hershkovitz’s Marmoset prefers to dwell in secondary growth areas and tall forest areas with areas of broken canopy. While occasionally spotted at ground level, the Hershkovitz’s Marmoset prefers the safety and food supply of the trees for the most part.


Like many members of the Marmoset family, Hershkovitz’s Marmosets comprise most of their diet with gums, saps, latex, and other plant exudates found in the bark, flowers, and fruit of their native habitat. Additionally, the Hershkovitz’s Marmoset has also been known to hunt for frogs and grasshoppers on the forest floor, steal insects from swarms of army ants, and raid termite nests to feast on the larva.

Fun Hershkovitz’s Marmoset Facts

  1. These monkeys typically allow older group members to care for their babies.
  2. The Hershkovitz’s Marmoset has claws rather than nails on each of their digits.
  3. The Hershkovitz’s Marmosets almost always gives birth to twins.
  4. They live in group sizes ranging from 8 to 15 individuals.