List of Endangered Monkeys

Many people are unaware of all the types of monkeys that are on the endangered species list. In fact, many people are completely oblivious to the fact that there are 264 types of monkey on planet Earth today. Of those 264 types of monkeys, there are are a whopping 52 on the endangered species list. That’s roughly 20% of all types of monkeys that are dwindling in numbers, and that number is climbing.

While we certainly don’t hope for an increase, check back periodically to see if the number of monkeys on this list has gone up or down.

  1. Andean Night Monkey
  2. Bale Monkey
  3. Barbara Brown’s Titi
  4. Beni Titi Monkey
  5. Black-faced Black Spider Monkey
  6. Black Colobus
  7. Black Squirrel Monkey
  8. Black-fronted Titi
  9. Brown-headed Spider Monkey
  10. Brumback’s Night Monkey
  11. Coimbra Filho’s Titi
  12. Colombian Woolly Monkey
  13. Common Woolly Monkey
  14. Diana Monkey
  15. Dryad Monkey
  16. Dusky Leaf-monkey
  17. Geoffroy’s Peruvian Woolly Monkey
  18. Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey
  19. Golden-backed Squirrel Monkey
  20. Gray-handed Night Monkey
  21. Guatemalan Black Howler Monkey
  22. Guiana Spider Monkey
  23. Guizhou Snub-nosed Monkey
  24. L’hoest’s Monkey
  25. Long-haired Spider Monkey
  26. Mantled Howler Monkey
  27. Mitred Leaf Monkey
  28. Muriqui
  29. Ollala Brothers’ Titi Monkey
  30. Ornate Titi
  31. Owl-faced Monkey
  32. Panamanian Night Monkey
  33. Preuss’ Red Colobus Monkey
  34. Phayre’s Leaf-monkey
  35. Poeppig’s Woolly Monkey
  36. Preuss’ Red Colobus Monkey
  37. Preuss’s Monkey
  38. Proboscis Monkey
  39. Red-backed Squirrel Monkey
  40. Red-eared Nose-spotted Monkey
  41. Red-handed Howler Monkey
  42. Sclater’s Guenon
  43. Sichuan Snub-nosed Monkey
  44. Spix’s Red-handed Howler Monkey
  45. Sun-tailed Monkey
  46. Tana River Red Colobus Monkey
  47. Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey
  48. Variegated Spider Monkey
  49. White-cheeked Spider Monkey
  50. Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey
  51. Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey
  52. Zanzibar Red Colobus