Buffy-Tufted Marmoset

Buffy-Tufted Marmoset

The Buffy-Tufted Marmoset (Callithrix Aurita), otherwise known as the buffy tufted-ear marmoset or white-eared marmoset, is a New World Monkey in the Callitrichidae family of monkeys usually found on the Atlantic coast of Brazil. The Buffy-Tufted Marmoset is very similar in appearance to the Common Marmoset, but it is typically larger in many aspects. The Buffy-Tufted Marmoset is recognizable by its grey-black skin, with a touched tail and white ear-tufts which are longer and more distinct than those found on the Common Marmoset.


Of all the Marmosets, the Buffy-Tufted Marmoset’s range extends the furthest south. The Buffy-Tufted Marmoset is usually found in coastal forests from sea-level up to 500 meters along the Atlantic coast in Brazil. Spending the vast majority of its time in the canopy of trees, the Buffy-Tufted Marmoset is considered diurnal and arboreal.


The Buffy-Tufted Marmoset’s diet is a bit unique compared to other members of the Marmoset family. Uniquely, the Buffy-Tufted Marmoset almost exclusively eats spiders and other small insects. It does not eat tree sap, gun, or other plant exudates, which is why it has a very small snout compared to other members of the Marmoset branch.

Fun Buffy-Tufted Marmoset Facts

  1. These monkeys are the only Marmosets that eat insects exclusively rather than plant exudates.
  2. Of all Marmosets, the Buffy-Tufted Marmoset’s habitat extends the furthest south.
  3. Buffy-Tufted Marmoset’s gestation period is approximately 170 days and their births are typically of twin offspring.
  4. Many people confuse them for the Common Marmoset because they have many physical similarities.