Buffy-Headed Marmoset

Buffy-Headed Marmoset

The Buffy-Headed Marmoset (Callithrix Flaviceps) is a New World Monkey in the Callitrichidae family of monkeys, and is one of the rarest Marmosets in Brazil. The average weight of a full grown adult Buffy-Headed Marmoset can vary greatly, anywhere between 119g to 710g. These Marmosets have a very low metabolic rate, as well as an especially enlarged cecum that allows them to consume and digest food that is higher in fiber than most Marmosets can handle.


The Buffy-Headed Marmoset can be found the rainforests of south-eastern Brazil. It is usually spotted in southern Espírito Santo and northern Rio de Janeiro, but its distribution also extends into Minas Gerais. This group of Marmosets primarily inhabits areas in which fungi are abundant such as forest areas with a high population of bamboo trees.


The Buffy-Headed Marmoset’s diet consists primarily of fruits, gum, and plant exudates, but a small portion of their diet is composed of bird eggs and nestlings. While most Marmosets are known for being gummivorous, the Buffy-Headed Marmoset is predominantly mycophagous-insectivorous. Furthermore, Buffy-Headed Marmosets may prey on both vertebrates and invertebrates; primarily orthopterans, phasmids, coleopterans, caterpillars, and tree frogs.

Fun Buffy-Headed Marmoset Facts

  1. They use specific calls when they discover a source of food.
  2. When threatened, these monkeys amass in a large group yelping in a piercingly loud manner to scare the predator away.
  3. Ocelots, anacondas, and hawks are their most common predators.
  4. Buffy-Headed Marmosets avoid aerial predators through closed-mouth whistles to warn other group members.
  5. Buffy-Headed Marmosets can leap canopy to canopy in 10 meter jumps.