Black-Tailed Marmoset

Black-Tailed Marmoset

The Black-Tailed Marmoset (Mico Melanurus) is a New World Monkey in the Callitrichidae family of monkeys and can be found in the central Amazon rainforest of South America. The Black-Tailed Marmoset is dark brown on their body with a lighter colored chest and a dark black tail. Unlike most of the other members of the Marmoset family, it features a very unique white or yellowish-white stripe that extends from its main body down its thighs. A fully grown adult Black-Tailed Marmoset can reach lengths of up to 28 centimeters, and weigh in at approximately 12 ounces.


The habitat of the Black-Tailed Marmoset is rather large, ranging from the south-central Amazon in Brazil into the south through Bolivia and northern Paraguay. One of the southernmost members of the Marmoset family, it is one of only monkeys of this type to extend its range past the confines of the Amazon rainforest. The Black-Tailed Marmoset is considered diurnal and arboreal, which means it is most commonly found living in the canopy of trees.


The diet of the Black-Tailed Marmoset almost exclusively consists of tree sap, gum, and latex. Like some other members of the Marmoset family, they are also known to eat bird eggs, fruits, insects, and small vertebrates when their preferred food choices are in short supply or there is a drought. They have specially designed claws to climb trees and gouge the trunk to extract the plant exudates and insects that they enjoy feasting upon.

Fun Black-Tailed Marmoset Facts

  1. These monkeys live in an area further south than most other types of Marmosets.
  2. The Black-Tailed Marmoset is the only type of Marmoset to live beyond the edge of the Amazon rainforest naturally.
  3. Baby Black-Tailed Marmosets reach full maturity around the age of 2.
  4. They live together in very small groups, usually 8-13, and mark their territory with their scent glands.